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Durable and Flexible

"Cold-formed steel framing is built to last.  It's resistant to common threats that can cause costly damage, such as mold, termites and corrosion, and it won't warp, split or crack."


 CFS is resistant to termites, mold and other pests.  "CFS framing has up to a 7Xs (times) greater strength-to-weight ratio than wood - the highest of all commonly used construction materials.  CFS framing resists extreme environmental loads.  There are CFS designs for wind, snow and seismic loads up to 190mph, 70psf, Seismic Design Category E.  CFS framing has demonstrated blast resistance.  CFS studs and sheathing have proven resistance to penetration from large, blunt objects.  Ability to provide a long lifecycle, minimize maintenance, and resist deterioration." -

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